If you are looking for a fun twist on the Fleshlight experience, check out the Fleshlight Ice. Just like the other toys in the Fleshlight family, the Ice has a Super Skin inner sleeve contained in a plastic case. Unlike the other Fleshlights however, both the case and the sleeve are transparent, allowing you or your partner to watch the action inside the Fleshlight Ice.

The Ice is as fuckable as ever, with the added visual stimulation of being able to watch your cock throb, jerk and pulse as you fuck.  It makes for a great couples toy, since your partner has a chance to see how your cock reacts when it is inside of them! You can show off your tricks, letting them see for the first time how you flex your cock when you fuck their pussy, arse or mouth.

Speaking of Pussy, Arse and Mouth…

The Fleshlight Ice offers the three orifices that you have come to love, with the addition of a fourth!

Fleshlight Ice Review

I was intrigued by the newest hole being made available. While I have tried the pussy and arse and mouth of various Fleshlight Girls, when I saw that Fleshlight’s newest line introduced the Cheeks option, I was sold!

Fleshlight pussies are so realistic, and come complete with their own options. I enjoy fucking them, though sometimes the Fleshlight Mouth is more what I am in the mood for, especially when I like to think of my cock and cum being swallowed. Of course, the Fleshlight Forbidden Butt is a great choice when you feel like indulging in even naughtier fuckery. The tight arsehole of a Fleshlight Girl can make my hard cock cum faster than anything.

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Between the Cheeks

The Fleshlight Ice gives you even more choice now! The Cheeks are modeled after a girl’s bum, with soft globes of spreadable flesh hiding the tight arse waiting for your cock.

I am an arse man, which my lady friend knows, since I compliment her on her own bum every chance I get.  When I showed her the Fleshlight Ice Cheeks she wasn’t surprised.

Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

Trying out my Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

I watched as she oiled up my cock with the free sample of Fleshlight Fire And Ice lube that arrived with the Fleshlight Ice. I almost shot off just from her hand spreading the icy hot lube over the head of my cock. Talk about a mind blowing sensation!

She watched as I spread the cheeks of the Ice with my cock, and moaned when she saw how I flexed my cock inside that tight bum. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the action inside the Ice, once murmuring “So that’s how you do that!” as I pulsed and throbbed inside. I let her take over the movement of the Ice. She slid it up and down, spreading my pre-cum all over the walls of the beautiful bum I was fucking. After awhile of this, she lay on her back, placing the Fleshlight Ice between her breasts and had me straddle her waist. She slid the Ice around my cock once more. I moved my hips back and forth as she held the Ice in place, watching as my cock moved inside.

When I announced that I was close to cumming, she slid her hand beneath me to rub on her clit. She got a perfect view through the transparent case and sleeve as the cum erupted from my cock, filling the Ice with my semen.

She came hard as she watched the show that my cock was putting on for her. She wanted to keep the Ice on my cock as I softened, teasing me by moving it against my post-orgasm- sensitive head. Without even trying, she managed to get me hard again almost immediately! She took the Ice off of me however, and we both watched as she slid two fingers inside the recently fucked toy and showed us both what it looks like when she scoops my cum out of her after we fuck when she wants to taste me.

I can’t tell you how hot a toy the Fleshlight Ice is, especially when used with a playmate. It will change your view on sex toys!

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