There are more “toys for boys” available to men today than there ever have been. Traditionally, women enjoyed the benefits of a wide selection of toys with various lengths, widths and textures, while us guys were stuck with choosing between a rubber sleeve or our right hand (no offense to the lefties out there). Ever since Fleshlight came on the scene (pun not intended) 🙂 the choices for men have done nothing but get better and more diverse.

About the Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Known for modeling their sleeves from actual women’s “points of entry”, Fleshlight has long been the leader in do-it-yourself pleasure seeking. While nothing beats the real thing, the texture of these Superskin toys will blow your mind, not to mention your load!

THE STAMINA TRAINING UNIT (STU) is one of Fleshlight’s most popular products now.

This toy is specifically designed to help you build up your longevity, helping you to avoid repeating that awkward first time experience of finishing before your partner does. Whether you are just out of practice, or in a position to have a regular fuck buddy or in your twentieth year in a committed relationship, we can all use a toy like this to get into top form. And speaking of form, there are two Stamina Training Units to choose from, both made from  Fleshlight’s patented Superskin material that many of us have come to enjoy (again, sorry about the pun!) 🙂

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Products in the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) range

THE LADY STAMINA PACK – This has a tight pussy-like entrance that grips your cock like a pussy should. Complete with an orifice modeled after the woman of your dreams (well, your wet dreams any way). The combination of the slickness and the sensation of the pillow-like bumps that make up the surface of this tight toy will have you moaning immediately and loudly, as my neighbor may have found out when I tried it the first time.

THE PURE STAMINA PACK – This feels just as tight and wonderfully wet, with the difference being the more discreet entry point. Unlike its sister toy, there are no pussy lips to pass your cock though. Instead, much more can be left to your imagination as to who you are fucking and in what part of their body.

Both of the Fleshlight STU’s feature a gold flashlight (or torch for us in the UK) exterior, giving them an air of sophistication.

My experiences of the Fleshlight STU

The unit I orderered was the Lady Stamina Pack and it arrived at my door (very discreetly I might add) the very next day after I ordered it. As usual I ordered my STU Fleshlight from LoveHoney in the UK and it cost £53.99 (delivery was FREE). I also ordered some Fleshwash to use with my STU to ensure I get the most from my investment and it will last for many years.

Fleshlight STU Review

Pillow Talk

As with all of the Fleshlight line of products, the sensations that you are in for are going to be so natural feeling, and so intensely tight, wet and pleasurable, that you may wonder how you will be able to come immediately. The interior surface is lined with small pillow like bumps that, while providing the tightness of a pussy or mouth or ass, also allow for the sensations on your cock to be evenly spread, from the tip of the head all the way down the base of your cock. At a fuckable depth of up to nine inches, the STU’s promise a comfortable fit no matter your length or thickness.

Partner Play

Of course, you don’t have to enjoy the STU all by yourself. There’s a special lady in my life (at least she is once every few weeks) that enjoys using the Fleshlight toys with me. She likes to watch me pleasure myself, but she also likes to use the STU to give me a hand-job experience like no other. Since we don’t get to play as often as we would like, she appreciates the fact that I have a method of building up my stamina in between visits. Your partner will also appreciate the thoughtfulness that you display by keeping “in shape”.  When you take that into account as well, the more than reasonable price of £52.99 makes either of the STU’s an excellent addition to your sex life… and theirs.

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