It’s  is essential you keep your Fleshlight nice and clean which means cleaning it after EVERY time you use it!

After you’ve invested in a Fleshlight, if you treat it well it will last you for many years so cleaning is an essential part of that.

How to clean your Fleshlight

Cleaning your Fleshlight

Part of looking after your Fleshlight is keeping it clean!

Cleaning is easy – just pull the soft insert out of the container and rinse it in warm water to clean off any mess. I just run mine under the tap. Make sure you don’t clean your Fleshlight in soapy water though as this can damage the delicate insert.

FleshwashYou can buy a product called Fleshwash. This is a special cleaning solution to wash your Fleshlight with. This costs £9.99 a bottle and I would personally say I don’t think you need to bother with this. As long as you wash your Fleshlight straight away, running under warm water is fine (and cheaper!)

Once you’ve rinsed the insert in warm water and removed any mess, give it a shake to remove any excess water and just leave it on the side to air dry. If you’re in a hurry to use your Fleshlight again, you can speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer. 😉
Don’t try and towel dry the insert, as you may damage the fragile textured insert. It’s important you leave it to air dry naturally or use a hair dryer on cold setting.

Make sure you rinse out the plastic flash light style container as well, it’s fine to use soapy water on that if you like and you can dry that with a tea towel.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

After washing you may notice that your Fleshlight feels a little sticky to the touch and that it can attract stray fibers and fluff. Don’t worry there’s an easy solution to this.

Fleshlight Renewing PowderThe manufacturers recommend you sprinkle some Fleshlight Renewing Powder on your Fleshlight after cleaning to maintain the life and to keep it feeling soft and smooth.

Tip: If you buy Fleshlight Renewing Powder it costs £9.99 for a tub, but if you look at the ingredients on the packaging, it’s 100% corn starch. You can buy corn starch from your local supermarket for a lot less than £9.99! (look in the baking section) 😉


That’s it you’re done! Your Fleshlight is designed to be used over and over again so with a little love and care you can ensure your purchase will be giving you pleasure for many years to cum!

If you’ve got any questions, just leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂


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  1. Hello, first of all – what a great review! I had most of my questions answered, but I just wanna make sure a few things:

    I just bought the Pink Lady STU together with a recommended Renewing Powder and also the Fleshlight Wash. I already had a water based tube of lubricant/gel named “sense me – Turn Up The Heat”. So I was thinking I could finish it first before I buy the associated FleshLube.

    I have watched the video “how to clean a Fleshlight” several times.
    Even tho’ I’ve only used my FL about 2-3 times yet, and I notice that it’s very sticky and tacky during the drying process. It gets better after putting the Renewing Powder on (afterwards when it’s completely dry), but I just wonder if this is normal?

    Also, I heard that during the drying process, it should be preserved on an open surface in normal room temperature. In my case, who still live with my parents and younger brothers, could the windowsill be a good place?
    I was thinking that I could hide it behind some flowers and paintings then.
    It’s very cold there tho, but I guess it’s better then the kitchen table… xD
    My problem is that I only have a giant bed in my room (for two) and a wall-closet. (I was first thinking “maybe under the bed”, but I guess it would get dirty pretty fast there.) So any advice or tips would be very welcomed! =)

    One more thing: Is it mandatory to heat it up the FL in warm water before use, or is it just a recommendation for the sake of feeling?

    Thank you,

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