The offerings at Fleshlight keep getting more advanced, both in terms of technology and fuckability! The line of products modeled after porn star Jenna Haze will have you and your cock drooling. Like all of the Fleshlight Girl products, the Jenna Haze toys are cast from the actual pussy, arse and mouth of the porn Goddess herself.  If you have seen Jenna in action, you know what an unbelievably hot arse she has, so it didn’t take me long to decide on choosing that option!

Jenna Haze Fleshlight Review

The Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt

The Forbidden Butt line of sleeves so closely reproduces the feeling of a tight arsehole enveloping your cock that you’ll believe that Jenna has spread her cheeks and invited you to enter her back door.

Of course, the decision to butt fuck Jenna by no means reflects poorly on her other attributes. You can sample all three of her tight little holes. The three offerings are:

Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt Fleshlight Review

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I’m an arse man! – My experience

As I said, I decided to experience a Jenna Haze arse fuck. The entrance to her back door is adorned with a small, tight little hole. Fleshlight uses castings of each girl’s body parts, and Jenna’s arse is slightly opened, with the promise of a snug fit.

As I rubbed the head of my cock against her bum hole to moisten it with my pre-cum, it took all I had not to thrust all the way inside. Instead I took my time, enjoying each separate sensation. Her passage is is tight at first, and then as you work your cock back and forth you can feel it loosen just enough to allow you to fuck harder. I’ve been a fan of Fleshlight products long enough to know to put a few drops of their FleshlightWater in Jenna’s bum beforehand, and the slickness had me struggling not to come before I got a chance to really fuck her.

I paused enough to calm down before I missed out on the chance to feel her arse wrap around me.  I closed my eyes and pictured myself looking down at Jenna on all fours, my hands on her cheeks as she pushed back against me. As I fucked Jenna, I moved the Fleshlight itself in small circular motions to get the sensation of her swiveling her hips as my cock pushed further into her tight arse. When I felt the Fleshlight patented Superskin gripping my cock, I began to fuck faster and deeper.

The Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt felt so realistic that I was able to completely fall into the fantasy that Jenna herself was moaning as loudly as I was, and that her pussy was getting wetter as she begged me to pound her tight little bum as she played with her clit. Just the thought of spanking her cheeks as my cock plowed the depths of her arsehole had my cock tingling. You really should watch Jenna in action. Once you do, you’ll realize what a freak she is for anal sex, and why the Forbidden Butt was my first choice for my Jenna Haze fantasy.

After edging my cock for about a half hour (another great thing about the Fleshlight toys is how they help you build your stamina…practice makes perfect!), I finally allowed myself to shoot off in Jenna’s arse, and the wetness of the FleshlightWater combined with the thought of her bum being filled with my cum gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life!

Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt Review

Something for everyone

The Fleshlight Jenna Haze Vagina offers the most realistic feeling of a hot and wet pussy that you can find.

The Swallow is a blowjob experience like no other, complete with the chance to feel your cock hit the back of Jenna’s throat.

You can’t go wrong with any of the three orifices that Jenna has to offer, but if a hot derriere is what you are looking for, the Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt option is a surefire hit!

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