‘Fleshlight Girls’ is a range of Fleshlights modeled on porn stars lady bits. They produce the Fleshlight by taking an actual mold of the porn stars parts. It’s as near as you’ll get to actually fucking them. 🙂

The Fleshlight Girls come in 3 varieties – The porn stars pussy, their arse and their mouth. Each one of these is available to buy separately.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

About Lisa Ann (the ultimate MILF)

Lisa Ann is a porn star of the older variety, she’s 38 (as of writing this) and is one of the most famous MILF porn stars in the industry. She’s won many awards and accolades:

She is probably most famous for staring in Who’s Nailin’ Paylin, a 2008 porn film where she stars as Serra Paylin which is basically meant to be vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.


I’m no stranger to watching a bit of MILF porn and I’ve seen Lisa Ann in a number of films. I would have to say she’s one of my favourite older porn stars, so I couldn’t wait to try out the Fleshlight modeled on her parts.

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight comes in 3 models:

She’s a fit looking lady with a sexy pout and I’d been wanting to try out a Fleshlight modeled on a mouth, (or Fleshlight swallow as they are known) as I had never tried one so I thought it was about time I added one to my collection.


I had a look online and I ordered my Fleshlight from where I now order all my Fleshlights –  Love Honey. I choose Love Honey for the piece of mind you get knowing it’s a reputable company so if you have any problems you’re covered with their 1 year money back guarantee. I paid £59.99 for my Fleshlight and that included free delivery.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review

Trying it out

The website said that this Fleshlight is the  ‘most realistic oral sex experience in existence‘ so I couldn’t wait to get started and try it out. The mouth Fleshlight comes with the swallow texture insert which is designed to replicate a mouth and throat.

I got a picture of Lisa Ann with her enormous tits up on my computer and got my Fleshlight ready. It came with a sachet of lube so I warmed the Fleshlight up with some hot water, then lubed it up and plunged my cock inside. The entrance was initially tight but once inside I could feel the ribbed texture against my cock which felt great. Halfway in I could feel the area which is the back of the throat and then it tightens which is to replicate the throat. This gave a very realistic deep throat like experience. I found the texture was too much to bear and I blew my load in no time at all.

The verdict

I’ve used the Lisa Ann Fleshlight a number of times since and it feels better with every go. The orgasms get better with every use. I have noticed with this Fleshlight that if I use less lube than I usually do it gives a much more realistic and sensitive sensation.

I would definitely recommend the Lisa Ann Fleshlight to fans of her films and even if you’ve never seen any of her films before I would suggest you definitely give this Fleshlight a try. 😉

Lisa Ann talks about her Fleshlight

As usual, any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them. 🙂

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