‘Fleshlight Girls’ is a range of Fleshlights that are modeled on porn stars pussy’s.

What that means is that the insert is an actual replica of the porn stars pussy. Pretty cool huh?! 🙂

Tori Black Fleshlight Review


I’m a big fan of Tori Black and have seen many of her films so I was looking forward to trying out this Fleshlight and adding another one to my collection.

There are 3 Tori Black fleshlights available to buy:

I went for Tori Black’s pussy. I usually order the vagina rather than the mouth or arse as when I buy a Fleshlight as I’m not really much of an arse man. I figure I’ll get more of my moneys worth with the pussy.


I paid £59.99 for my Fleshlight from online sex store, LoveHoney. Free delivery was included in the price I paid. I ordered on Tuesday afternoon and the Fleshlight turned up the following day in discreet packaging (just as well as I was out and it was my Mum that signed for the delivery! ;))

Tori Black Fleshlight Review

Trying it out

The Tori Black Vagina Fleshlight is available in 2 variations:

  1. Lotus inner texture
  2. Torrid Inner Texture.

I ordered the Lotus as it was described as ‘the absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible’. I did a bit of research online and the Lotus texture is supposed to simulate vaginal sex perfectly.

I noticed straight away that I preferred the appearance of this Fleshlight much more than the standard vagina version. I think it’s because it’s actually modeled on someones vagina that I’ve dreamt of fucking many times. The pussy lips looked so inviting.

My Tori Black Fleshlight came with a sachet of lube so I lubed it up and got started. The first thing that struck me about the Tori Black Fleshlight is how tight it was around my cock. The super supple cyber skin felt very realistic and I went for about 10 minutes before I couldn’t hold off any longer and blew my load. 10 minutes later I couldn’t wait any longer and had to try it out again. The second go was even better!


I would definitely recommend the Tori Black Fleshlight. It’s very realistic and the lips look great, really inviting. It feels tight around your cock and I would say it’s definitely one of the best I’ve tried and would consider it one of my favourite Fleshlights. 🙂

Tip: Watch one of Tori’s films while using your Fleshlight for maximum realism.

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Tori Black Unboxing her Fleshlight

As usual, if you’ve got any questions leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them. 🙂